Pairing: Romeo Prince Petite & 815 Cab from Joel Gott

Pairing our Romeo Prince Petite with the 815 Cabernet Sauvignon from Joel Gott was quite the experience. The Romeo Prince Petite exhibits a complex dark and rich flavor that pairs beautifully with this wine that also exhibits similar characteristics. The rich caramel sweetness of the wine with strong berry flavor is brought to life by the dark leather earth notes of the Prince. The wine helps to highlight the floral, fresh spring notes from the small but immensely powerful cigar. Both have a slightly spicy finish that seems to develop in tandem. The ultra smooth velvet from the 2012 Napa Cab enhances the dark nutty leather taste you get from the cigar wrapper. The slightly bitter cocoa of the cigar with the sweet vanilla in the wine compliment each other like cookies and cream. This pair is perfect for sitting outside on a beautiful spring day, with a nice breeze.