Pairing: Partagas Pyramid & Shock Top Lemon Shandy

Summer is upon us and with sumer time comes the annual release of the summer beers.  We recently tried the Shock Top Lemon Shandy which is a great summer beverage.  When drinking it ice cold this is a super refreshing beer that is great for sitting in the shade on a hot summer day.  We paired the Lemon Shandy with our Ptgs Pyramid which turned out to be an excellent pairing.  The lemon flavor highlighted some of the floral notes in the Ptgs pyramid and enhanced the smoke.  Its not often you will find a beer and cigar pairing this nice.  The lemon seemed to carry over onto the cigar, which along with the light floral essence created a unique smoking experience.  This is an exceptional pair for the summer time, day or night.  Sit back, relax, pop open the cold one, light up the Pyramid and Enjoy!

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