Consistency in Cigars

Consistency is a big term in the cigar industry.  At The Cuban Seed Cigar Company we produce cigars in small batches to ensure a high level consistent cigar.  Small batch boutique cigar manufacturers achieve consistent high quality cigars, and sadly most consumers don’t know much about this corner of the market.

Our cigars are beautiful works of art, which we are proud to showcase without a band.  The only time we put bands on our cigars is when customers request to put their name on our cigar.  Our cigars are sold in some of the finest establishments across the world, sometimes with bands, sometimes without.  Customers appreciate our attention to detail and personal service.  We are proud to answer any questions regarding our cigars so please feel free to reach out to us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Attention to detail, proper aging and consistency are all very important aspects that we emphasize during the cigar making process. So if you like a good smoke try small batch cigars made by a boutique manufacturer.